About Us

Finderz started out as an idea for an e-commerce search engine that provides people with a single place to find important information they need to make their online buying decisions. We started to craft a platform that puts all of these details at your fingertips, from video reviews about the product you are looking for to where to get the best price on the product at leading online shops and what people are saying about the product you are searching for online. We call this platform: Finderz.

The idea came to us when we wanted to buy a product and realized the exact same product was available at different prices on e-commerce sites; at some sites it was cheap, and other sellers offered it at higher prices. Even the same e-commerce site had different prices for the same product! Yes, even on the same site! We knew there had to be a solution to this problem that we were experiencing time and again when we wanted to buy something online. We soon found out that many online buyers had the same issues as us with finding the best price and best product online. That’s when we got serious about creating Finderz.co.

We love buying online and Finderz is a great tool to help everyone do exactly that! Online shopping saves time and money, plus we can compare and get to know what people say about the stuff we’re looking for. The only thing is that the web has gotten so big so fast that it’s now a disorganized billion dollar market. Shopping is a mess online, to put it mildly. So, we started to figure out a way to make order out of the chaos and help people just like you make smart buying decisions online. We created Finderz to help all of us buy wisely and, at the same time, enjoy online shopping.

You’re not using Finderz to buy anything through our site. No, we’re not a shopping site as we want to be neutral while comparing online shopping prices. Instead, when you want to buy the best product online, make it a habit of quickly searching on Finderz to compare products and find the right place to get the best price online. Get the peace of mind that you are making a smart purchase decision. The one-second search at Finderz will save you time and money. Our e-commerce search engine is free, it will stay free, and we never add a cent to your purchase!

How Does Finderz Work?

Finderz is not another shopping site – there are already enough of those! Instead, Finderz is where you go to find what you’re looking for. You can search for almost anything available online to help you make a smart purchase decision. We understand how hard you work for your money and that you don’t just want to throw it away.

Locating what you need on Finderz is as easy as typing the product name into the search bar on the homepage. Be as specific as possible about the name of the item to get the best results from across the web. Then just click the “Search” button. Simple!

Using the latest technology within our innovative platform, Finderz communicates with the most popular online marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon. See exactly where the product of interest is available online on the results page that automatically appears for you within seconds.

Finderz organizes the results for you by the best price (lowest to highest) and provides you with shipping details, product or seller ratings, the most popular video reviews, and what people are saying about the product. You can find out at a glance where to get the product for the best price right now and get a direct link to the online store where it’s available. You’ll love the deals you can find on the Finderz’ e-commerce search engine and how it navigates you straight to the site where you can find the best product online!

Before buying from leading online stores, “Finderz” it to locate the best prices and learn what people say online about the product you want.


What Do We Get?

Firstly, the great feedback we receive from people around the world always satisfies us and makes us happy. To keep Finderz going, with the sole purpose to help all of us buy wisely, you should know clicking on some links will take you to sites which we can earn a commission if you purchase the item. But, you should also know that your buying price never changes, whether we earn a commission or not. Finderz is a natural e-commerce search engine that displays what it sees. We are not being paid to alter what appears in the natural search results!


Got Something to Say?

We welcome your feedback as we strive to match you with the best product online. Feel free to send us an email at questions@finderz.co with any questions or advice. We look forward to hearing from you!


Finderz. The site that helps you find the best place to buy the product you are looking for online.